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October 06, 2015

EGO POWER+ wins 2015 Pro Tool Innovation Awards

Pro Tool Award



Advanced EGO POWER+ Technology Earns Expert Praise

Chicago, IL – October 6, 2015EGO POWER+ advanced Arc Lithium™ powered cordless technology has gained expert recognition from Pro Tool Innovation Awards as being among the best and brightest new products in the residential and commercial construction and landscaping industries. EGO POWER+ earned a 2015 Pro Tool Innovation Award for its Lawn Mower, Blower, Chain Saw and 15” String Trimmer, all available nationwide at The Home Depot.

A panel of judges representing tool professionals from across the United States weighed in on entries from top global manufacturers and EGO POWER+ was a multiple recipient of the prestigious Pro Tool Innovation Award. Here's what the judges had to say about EGO POWER+: “Companies like EGO are pushing the boundaries and limits in ways never before seen in this category, and it won’t be very long before the thought of a homeowner using a gas tool to mow or trim the lawn is an antiquated idea. EGO is a new brand whose tools feature never-before-seen 56V lithium-ion battery packs. These packs are impressive. In addition to looking like something you’d see powering a time machine in a science fiction movie, they’re built really well and look to be able to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and abuse.”


The Pro Tool Innovation Award judges had this to say about the innovative EGO POWER+ 56 Volt Arc Lithium battery:  “With new technology and new tools come new surprises. The biggest surprise of all has to be the fact that the new 4.0 Ah 56V battery pack from EGO can be recharged in just 30 minutes! The 2.0 Ah pack can get fully recharged in just 25 minutes. It’s actually completely unbelievable—which is why we tested it after draining a full pack all the way down…only to find that the claims are true. With the EGO CH5500 charger, it does indeed recharge it’s biggest battery in under 30 minutes. To make it even better, charging for just 15 minutes gets you to 50% to complete a job if you’re in a hurry.”


"As manufacturers strive to go the extra mile to add useful and often game-changing innovations to their product offerings, we want to point them out so our Pro readers know who's leading the pack," said Clint DeBoer, executive director of the Pro Tool Innovation Awards. "These manufacturers and companies have truly earned a coveted spot in the toolbox of any tradesman, contractor, or construction professional."


The EGO POWER+ 56 Volt ARC Lithium battery is the only battery with advanced chemical, electronic and mechanical design elements that bring equipment performance levels to new heights while simultaneously reducing heat, the leading enemy of battery life and power. The revolutionary ARC Lithium batteries are interchangeable with all EGO POWER+ lawn equipment, creating superior equipment versatility and overall cost savings. 

“We’re extremely proud that the experts behind the Pro Tool Innovation Awards have taken notice of the EGO POWER+ technology and performance superiority,” said Joe Turoff, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Chervon. “Over the course of seven years we researched the category relentlessly identifying pain-points and technology challenges designing and developing new and innovative ways to solve them.  As a result, EGO can now match or surpass the power and performance of conventional gas powered equipment with a new level of ease and convenience never thought possible. ”

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About EGO Power+

The EGO brand of cordless outdoor power equipment delivers POWER BEYOND BELIEF and is the brainchild of Chervon, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electric power tools and related products. For the past 20 years, Chervon has specialized in researching, developing and manufacturing electric power tools for many of the largest professional brands. The company’s philosophy— to build a better world by building better tools— has earned a reputation for quality and innovation. Notable achievements include introducing the first ever power tool equipped with a laser guideline, leading the laser level and digital level markets, lithium-ion power tools and, most recently, the launch of EGO. Chervon is a global operation with locations in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia. For more information, visit


About the Pro Tool Innovation Awards

The Pro Tool Innovation Awards (PTIA) are an annual awards program judged by a panel of professional tradesmen in the electrical, plumbing, MRO and concrete fields as well as general contractors and builders. The Pro Tool Innovation Awards seek to discover and recognize the most innovative tools in the residential and commercial construction industry across a wide variety of categories. The Pro Tool Innovation Awards is backed by over a dozen media sponsors, including its founding member, Pro Tool Reviews, who hosted and marketed the awards this year. For additional information, please visit


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